Castles vs. Coalitions: How militaries protect their estates from supply chain cyber attacks

An attack that partially shut down the gas supply to the entire eastern seaboard in May of 2021.

Hackers Have Problems Too: Competition, Compliance, and Regulation among Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Providers

Renewable green energy in Iran.

“Imagine being the chief compliance officer at DarkSide. People constantly come to you with crimes, and you are commercial, you are like “sure go ahead do that crime,” but occasionally you have to stop them and say “no the reputational risk of that crime is too great, we can’t do it,” and the sales reps grumble that you are getting in the way of business. Just like at a bank!”
- Matt Levine, Bloomberg

Castles vs. Coalitions: Why this matters and what to do about it

Dunnottar Castle in Scotland
Some threats, like the Soviet Union in the Cold War or RaaS providers today, require a collective response.
We can see SolarWinds security posture objectively improve since the hack in 2020. In 2020 its security posture hovered around a “D” making it six times more likely to suffer a breach. Today that rating sits at a 93 out of 100 or A rating.



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